Odyssey Technology

Our patent pending ESP™ technology provides several strong differentiating benefits to our products including:

Odyssey Science Bottle
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Greater product efficacy that CANNOT be provided by other manufacturing processes (like creams, serums, gels, lotions, and oils), allows us to use the most effective forms of active ingredients as our packaging system protects them from light, air, moisturizer and potential microbial attack


Optimizing the consumer experience by providing improved stability. This means the consumer gets the product as fresh as it can be, and will remain that way for the duration of the product use


Providing greater shelf life for product


Enabling innovative, custom ingredient combinations that common manufacturing processes cannot achieve


Eliminating preservatives and other ingredients required by other manufacturing processes to attempt to maintain efficacy and stability.  Less ingredients is ALWAYS better as skin has limits on what it can absorb


It has reduced the use of greenhouse gasses by 90%

Clean Skin

Products that are manufactured in a clean and contamination free environment, combined with our Patented ESP™ technology, also ensures that our products eliminate the possibility of end user contamination. End result: Safer products with enhanced Efficacy, Stability and Potency


Proprietary bubble structure for optimal application and absorption

Rigorous pharmaceutical grade processes and analytical support applied to ALL products

By protecting active ingredients and revolutionizing the way products are manufactured and packaged, our ESP™ technology has changed the way skincare and wellness products should be delivered.

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