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Our branded skincare and wellness products are manufactured to provide and maintain the highest level of product EFFICACY and STABILITY, thereby increasing product performance and consumer experience. Product degradation and waste is well known for food products and has been a recent significant area of interest focus by investment groups. Waste (in the form of ineffective products) is a significant problem in skincare and other topical products. Until now, there has been little attention paid to this problem.

We believe there has been no innovation in manufacturing to preserve product efficacy. Our PATENT PENDING technology combined with our custom-built production line extends the product’s life and eliminates waste caused by non-performing products. Our products are made and packaged in a light and oxygen-free environment. Light and oxygen are the two primary causes of product degradation. Our technology was initially developed for the pharmaceutical industry which has the highest regulatory and protocol requirements.

A product’s consumer promise should last throughout the product’s use, not only when it’s first manufactured. Common manufacturing processes of creams, serums, gels, lotions, and oils begin degrading the moment they are manufactured and while they sit in inventory awaiting purchase. It’s like purchasing a new car that immediately depreciates the moment it is driven off the lot.

Our products will be sold through several channels initially. These include online channels through our own website and Amazon, select retail and physician channels, and international distributors.

Our Products Are

  • Contamination and Germ Free, more important today in the COVID-19 environment
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Environmentally friendly
  • FDA tested protocol
  • Ingredient transparent
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Gluten free
  • Fast absorbing
  • Scent satisfying


Formulation of any kind including natural and clean products will degrade WITHOUT a manufacturing process that eliminates light and oxygen. ALL other brands are forced to add additional ingredients and compounds (increased costs) in an attempt to preserve and stabilize formulations. It is well known that consumers get better skin absorption when fewer ingredients are required.

ESP™ TECHNOLOGY will become the industry seal and promise of Product Efficacy for all skincare and wellness products, similar to Intel for their semiconductor chips, “Intel inside”.

Our ESP™ technology has led us to develop a new category in skincare that we call “Transdermal Mousse.” From a look, feel, and performance standpoint, we believe it’s the best product offering in the marketplace.

Our products are proudly developed and manufactured in the USA and comply with all FDA regulations and good manufacturing practices.

Current Product Offering

Green Phoenix Full Body Moisturizer

(Soft Launched January 2020)

This unique formulation combines nourishing and hydrating ingredients to provide proven results in overall skin appearance and health. Green Phoenix amplifies these moisturizing benefits with a therapeutically relevant level of CBD and the addition of 4% sweet almond oil.

Combining 2% CBD with our proprietary formulation has resulted in a product that delivers improved overall skin appearance, health, and moisturization. Our Full Body Moisturizer provides a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as plumps and improves skin hydration, after just one use.

In addition to the combination of CBD, moisturizers, antioxidants, and humectants, we have included 4% sweet almond oil for a silky smooth skin feel. Almond oil provides the benefits of a natural source of linoleic acid for an extra boost of skin nutrition.

What they are saying about Green Phoenix:

Products Planned to be launched by late 2020, Q1 2021

Formulations are Completed and Ready

Hydrating Dermal Mousse

Supreme Hydration / Moisturizer

Retinol Facial Mousse


Skin Brightener Mousse

Fades dark spots, uneven skin tones

Glycolic Acid Night Mousse

A staple of relevant skincare regimen

Vitamin C, E, & Ferulic Acid Mousse

Anti-oxidant combination

Body plus SPF Mousse

Sunscreen and sun damage

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