About Odyssey Science

After working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 17 years specializing in aerosol delivery systems, it became evident what the next steps for this delivery technology needed to be.

Based on customer feedback, I realized two things. First, the highest number of customer complaints were the result of poor product dispensing. The second realization was the issues of product efficacy and stability. Open tube products can’t be dispensed, or the repeat contact causes microbial contamination. In addition, light, air, water, causes degradation or inactivation of the active ingredients. These issues comprised 98% of all customer complaints.

After more than 10 years of R & D, trial and error, we finished development of our patent pending manufacturing technology that successfully solves these issues causing customer complaints. I am proud to launch our ESP™ technology that provides maximum product efficacy, maximum product stability, and maximum product performance resulting in superior consumer experience.

Robert Munroe, CEO and Co-Founder Odyssey Science

Why It Matters

We believe everyone should be empowered to feel confident they have skin that WOWS.

Consumers can trust our product authenticity and WOW results because they are backed by science, and not just science fiction. The visible results help individuals feel confident. Because Odyssey Science knows that when you look and feel your best, you are your best.

What We Do

The Odyssey Science skincare line offers the highest quality, efficacy and stability in any commercially available skincare line, Odyssey Science products don’t just perform, they WOW.

Superior manufacturing technology and final sustainable packaging yields wow-worthy results every time, for everyone.

How We Do It

Our patent-pending ESP™ technology vows to deliver a rich, stable formulation for your skin.

ESP™ technology preserves product integrity, providing a “wow” experience with consistent results that our customers deserve. 

Our Brand Attributes


Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Odyssey Science knows that confidence is not just skin deep. Just like our customers, we are brave enough to stand out from the crowd and have created a brand that matches our values and is bold enough to pave a new way to treat your skin.


Knowledge is power.

Odyssey Science believes that everyday people are capable of making their own decisions when it comes to the health of their skin. We aim to educate all consumers and arm them with information that will allow them to make the best decisions about the products they want to put on their skin.


It is what it is. 

From our patent pending manufacturing process to our packaging, we take the necessary steps to ensure the active ingredients are at optimal concentrations for every single use of the product.  Trusting your product to be effective is crucial to achieving the results you deserve.

Our Experienced Team

Robert Munroe

Robert Munroe

President & CEO, Co-Founder, Chairman
Robert has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical testing industry. Co-Founder of Founders Science Group, a laboratory testing and contract manufacturer. In previous positions, Robert has directed the activities of Quality Control and Research and Development groups and has been involved in handling FDA site audits and client sponsored audits of quality operations for companies Bausch & Lomb, Valeant, PrecisionMD (sold to Valeant for $450M), Teva, and Collegium.
Ron Gurge

Dr. Ron Gurge

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, Director
Dr. Gurge has over 20 years of developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, several of which have become the largest names in their respective categories. Co-founder of Founders Science Group, a testing laboratory and contract manufacturer. Ron’s experience includes the development of Antiperspirants / Deodorants, Shaving Preparations, Tooth Whiteners, Cosmetics and prescription products for Dry Skin, Acne and Atopic Dermatitis.
Michael Brower

Michael Brower

COO and CFO, Co-Founder, Director
Michael has over 30 years of experience in diverse consumer product markets including beauty. Executive roles with MDRejuvena and Senté (skincare brands), Odyssey Golf, Orange 21 (Spy Optics – an eyewear brand focused on the action sports industry), Gunnar Optiks (a technical and esports eyewear brand), and KPMG. Successful exits with Odyssey Golf (from startup to # 1 global brand and sold to Callaway Golf), Led IPO with Spy Optics/Orange 21. Director and Treasurer, SD Sport Innovators, a business accelerator for sports and active lifestyle and healthy living brands, Executive Chairman Bill Walton, NBA HOF.

Walter Larsen

Vice President & General Manager, Co-Founder, Director
Walter has 24 years of experience in the waste management and recycling industries. Walter has served as General Manager of several technological advanced recycling facilities throughout the Northeast as well as Director of Facilities Maintenance for 11 divisions in 7 states with responsibilities of over 120 million revenue per year. With companies including Browning-Ferris Industries, Allied Waste, FCR Recycling, and Casella Waste Systems. Walter is also a co-founder of Founders Science Group. Walter started his career serving our country in the US Navy.
Founders Science Group

Founders Science Group (“Founders”) – Exclusive Developer and Manufacturing Partner

Founders is managed by a leadership team that has over 40 years of experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical, OTC beauty, and personal care products  They possess strong science-based formulation and development experience.  They have been awarded multiple patents and have developed leading brands in the in the Antiperspirants/ Deodorants, shaving preparations, tooth whiteners, and cosmetics categories and prescription based products including products for dry skin, acne, and atopic dermatitis

Founders is a GMP Laboratory and FDA registered facility.  They use pharmaceutical grade processes for all products manufactured.  Our competitive advantages are several including:

  • Our exclusive, custom-built equipment and production line that manufactures our products. No other brand has access to this manufacturing process and production line. This provides strong protection of our IP and manufacturing trade secrets.
  • Faster development and commercialization cycles. We can analyze what consumers are searching for on amazon and be able to develop products to serve those needs within 120 days.
  • Ability for smaller inventory runs minimizing working capital in inventory
  • Always “first” in production line
  • Ability to control COGS
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