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Odyssey’s brand of beauty and wellness products achieves the highest level of efficacy, stability, and safety that are unmatched in our industry.

We achieve this by our patent-pending ESP™ advanced manufacturing technology that ensures greater product efficacy and stability over the use of the product. This optimizes the consumer experience, product performance, and eliminates product failure or waste.  Product failure or waste is a huge business and consumer cost estimated at over $300 billion.  Non-sustainable and non-recyclable product packaging is a huge and growing problem for our planet.

Odyssey’s product development team is focused on the creation of the highest performing skin care products possible, combined with intentional design to prevent contamination and maintain germ free products in the beauty, personal care, and wellness markets.

We believe there has been no real innovation in manufacturing processes to improve product efficacy until NOW. It is the combination of great formulations and superior manufacturing processes that make higher efficacy and greater performing products. Formulation is NOT enough.

Odyssey’s brand of products cares about YOU and our PLANET!

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Eighty percent (80%) of all common active ingredients in anti-aging skincare products will degrade with exposure to light and oxygen.

There Is a Significant Problem

Product efficacy is a significant problem for consumer goods and emerging therapeutics with topically applied products. Most manufacturing processes are exposed to oxygen and light. Eighty percent (80%) of all common active ingredients in anti-aging skincare products will degrade with exposure to light and oxygen. Product packaging also exposes products to oxygen and light further contributing to product degradation.

Most products begin to degrade the moment they are manufactured and while they sit in inventory or on the shelf awaiting purchase. By the time you actually purchase the $100 product, it’s performance could be at the $50 level. It’s like buying a brand new car that immediately depreciates the moment it is driven off the lot.


The Benefits of Our Technology

  • Greater product efficacy that cannot be achieved by common manufacturing processes (like creams, serums, gels, lotions, and oils)
  • Longer product shelf life
  • Ability to create highly differentiated, customized ingredient combinations NOT possible with common manufacturing processes
  • Elimination of preservatives and other ingredients required by other manufacturing processes to attempt to maintain efficacy and stability.  Less ingredients is ALWAYS better as skin has limits on what it can absorb.
  • Continuously contamination and germ-free which in our current global Covid-19 environment provides a very SAFE and PERFORMANCE benefit

Great products stay great.

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Fully Sealed

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Airtight and Free of Light

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Sustainable Packaging

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Efficacy Over Time

Our patent-pending ESP™ technology ensures that our products are manufactured in an oxygen and light free environment, the ONLY way to ensure maximum efficacy. Our custom-built formulation and filling line is fully sealed allowing no light or oxygen to enter. Our products are perpetually sealed in sustainable packaging that are airtight and free of light. 

Retinol Preservation

The preservation rate is a key measure of efficacy over time.

94.5% Isn't Good Enough​

In prior independent retinol studies, the preservation rate of our products over a six-week period was 94.5% vs. competitive products at 67%.

We subsequently improved our technology to achieve rates approaching 100%.

Founder Science Group
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Over 90 Years of Combined Experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Our team is experienced in developing, launching, and marketing consumer brands. We have achieved multiple successful shareholder exits.

Our development team, based in Massachusetts, is led by individuals with strong formulation and development experience with pharmaceutical and OTC skincare products. They have developed pharmaceutical and cosmetic products including several that have become the largest names in their respective categories. Their development track record includes antiperspirants / deodorants, shaving preparations, tooth whiteners, cosmetics and prescription products for dry skin, acne, and atopic dermatitis.

The experienced development team is supported by executives with proven success in consumer industries including golf, eyewear (fashion and technical), technology products, and beauty / skincare as well as the waste management and recycling industries.


We Are the Only Brand With the ESP™ Technology

Based in Massachusetts, our manufacturing partner is an FDA registered facility and is a GMP laboratory. Combined with our patent-pending ESP™ technology are strong manufacturing trade secrets providing significant competitive advantages. We believe this partnership also minimizes potential supply chain disruptions.

Our products are developed by experienced and successful product inventors. They are then manufactured using our exclusive, patent-pending ESP™ technology, using pharmaceutical grade processes. Our products are contained in sustainable and recyclable packaging.

Our mission is not just about making the highest performing products, but also caring about how they affect our global climate and environment.

Our products are proudly developed and made in the USA.

Cruelty Free
FDA Regulated Facility
Made in the USA
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